Sophia Carreon at your service


Im a grade 11 ABM 5 student from Adamson University


I do a lot of swimming because im from the province which beaches are wonderful


I usually wear black or I wear black all the time16763857_120300002144685704_881761927_o

I eat a lot – different restaurants, different cuisines, much more exciting. Yeyy!13115941_1170173293027057_2625769365590388362_o

I do a lot of adventures and stuff. Going out and about. Trying out new things.14991126_1329906970387021_1625217872506003202_o

Going to museums, educational and historic places to know more about our culture.15259267_1350082501702801_8045638259816074457_o

Different sites that are really mesmerizing and relaxing.


Im a family person too, I usually travel with my family and I enjoy it.


Trying out new places with them


breath taking sceneries are the best.


The life of a youth must be enjoyed to the fullest because we only have one life to do all of those things, travel all those places and trying all those new experiences. So please, do your best to go far away as possible from your comfort zone.